About Us

Hello there! We are Matsy.

We sell whimsical, thoughtful and unique doormats to homeowners looking to welcome visitors in a way only they could. Our products are a welcoming committee to generate a reaction, mostly a smile, from visitors, and they represent each owners' personality including their hopes, dreams, background, quirks, preferences, faults and secrets!

Our Story

Matsy was born of a simple idea: that the world could use a little light-hearted humor these days. So, we decided to make people smile when they are least expecting it.

Where do we get the inspiration for our funny doormats? Well, smiles come in all shapes and sizes and so does the inspiration behind our mats. Sometimes it's a sideways confused puppy dog look from one of our many canine friends or sometimes it's reflecting back on a night with friends and wine. In all cases, our story leads back to that pure desire to brighten up the day of an unsuspecting visitor to your home!

Our Product

While some of our mats are goofy and at times even absurd, our quality is not. We take that part seriously.

Our doormats are high quality coir mats that are durable, long lasting and remain awesome for years.

Coir means constructed from the husk of coconuts (aka legit). These natural fibers, combined with blended materials provide for superior water, wind and environmental protection. Simply put, these puppies are built to last.

Our Team

We are an eclectic group of silly, fun, curious, somewhat crazies who like to shake it up a bit!

This is how we roll. 
We let it hang out. 
We smile incessantly. 
We practice what we preach. 
And we delight in others' happiness.

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